Multi-attribute optimization of machining process parameters in powder mixed electro-discharge machining using TOPSIS and grey relational analysis

S. Tripathy, D.K. Tripathy
2016 Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal  
Powder mixed electric discharge machining H-11 die steel Taguchi Multi-attribute optimization Grey relational analysis TOPSIS A B S T R A C T Powder Mixed Electro-Discharge Machining (PMEDM) is a hybrid machining process where a conductive powder is mixed to the dielectric fluid to facilitate effective machining of advanced material. In the present work application of Taguchi method in combination with Technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) and Grey
more » ... and Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) have been adopted to evaluate the effectiveness of optimizing multiple performance characteristics for PMEDM of H-11 die steel using copper electrode. The effect of process variables such as powder concentration (Cp), peak current (Ip), pulse on time (Ton), duty cycle (DC) and gap voltage (Vg) on response parameters such as Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool Wear Rate (TWR), Electrode Wear Ratio (EWR) and Surface Roughness (SR) have been investigated using chromium powder mixed to the dielectric fluid. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and F-test were performed to determine the significant parameters at a 95% confidence interval. Predicted results have been verified by confirmatory tests which show an improvement of 0.161689 and 0.2593 in the preference values using TOPSIS and GRA respectively. The recommended settings of process parameters is found to be Cp = 6 g/l, Ip = 6Amp, Ton = 100 μs, DC = 90% and Vg = 50 V from TOPSIS and Cp = 6 g/l, Ip = 3Amp, Ton = 150 μs, DC = 70% and Vg = 30 V from GRA. The microstructure analysis has been done for the optimal sample using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).
doi:10.1016/j.jestch.2015.07.010 fatcat:ucnisy4ssfh45jeghhf7ofvxjy