Аnalysis of acute and early periods complications of traumatic disease in severe polytrauma

2019 Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University: Series Medicine  
Objective of the research is to assess the likelihood of complications in the acute and early periods of Traumatic Disease (TD) and primary condition and reserve capability of hemodynamic and homeostasis in patients with polytrauma. Materials and methods. A retrospective study was carried out on 32 patients suffering from polytrauma. The group of the study included patients with the severity of injury according to the Injury Severity Score (ISS) more than 25 points and on a scale APACHE II
more » ... cale APACHE II 10-25 points at the time of admission. The estimated blood loss was 30-40% of blood volume (BV). The individual assessment of blood loss was calculated by Moor. Results. The study of 20 (62.5%) men, 12 (37.5%) women aged 18 to 60 years old (35.22 ± 12.66) were done. The mechanical ventilation was performed for 30 patients (93.75%), and 2 patients (6.25%) required oxygen therapy 5 lit per min for 3 days. The duration of mechanical ventilation was in 10 patients - up to 1 day, 8 patients - up to 3 days and at 12 - more than 3 days. Among 12 patients, who used AMV more than 3 days, 10 patients were tracheostomy in 3d day and 2 patients were extubated on 4th day. Among the patients examined thirty patients (93.7%) had posthemorrhagic anemia during first day of injury. Infectious complications like purulent tracheobronchitis and pneumonia were observed in 14 (43.75%) patients. The local infectious complications (abscesses, festering wounds) occurred in 5 (15.6%) patients and bedsores in 3 (9,375%) patients. The catheterization of the bladder lead to the development of urinary tract infection in 3 patients (9,3%). Conclusion. The most problematic category of victims includes patients with injuries several anatomical regions. Pneumonia, anemia, urinary tract infection and local infectious complications were considered as the most common complications of acute and early periods TD. The factors that influenced the probability of a high degree of complications were AMV, the thoracic component of the injury, more massive blood loss, long-term catheterization of the bladder.
doi:10.26565/2313-6693-2019-38-06 fatcat:gz5mbsdt2vh6jclu6ldfree72a