Technosocial inequalities in the digital age

K. A. Dallakian
2020 Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta: Seriâ 18, Sociologiâ i Politologiâ  
The article is devoted to the problem of relationship between social, techno-social subjects and artificial intelligence systems in the future mixed society. The threats of possible techno-social inequality both between humans and robots, and between ordinary people and persons, implanted chips to increase their intellectual capabilities, are considered. The necessity of development moral and legal norms of subjects behavior in the mixed society is emphasized. The author reveals methodological
more » ... oundations of bioethics and proposes strategic steps for constructing interactions of actors in a mixed society.
doi:10.24290/1029-3736-2020-26-1-82-96 fatcat:pyqnsjpnwvfonl5c2s26ndyo2q