Proximate and Ultimate Analysis Before and After Physical & Chemical Demineralization

Mehmet Bilen
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
In this study, a total of 12 coal samples were collected. Physical and chemical cleaning were employed on these collected coal samples. In order to understand the effect of physical & chemical cleaning on these samples, samples characterization were performed in terms of proximate and ultimate analysis. Calorific values of each corresponding clean coal samples were also determined. After chemical cleaning calorific values of each sample decreased, while chemical cleaning resulted in ultra clean
more » ... lted in ultra clean coals as regards to ash content (average of 0.5 % ash content). Volatile matter content each corresponding sample after chemical cleaning have higher percentage with respect to the ones after physical cleaning. However for some specific sample, the increase in volatile matter content after chemical cleaning is more than 200 %. Fixed carbon percentages do not show tremendous changes as regards to chemical cleaning, however they decrease for some and increase for some other after chemical cleaning. Calorific values decreases for the all samples after chemical cleaning. Ultimate analysis (C, H, N and O) was also determined after physical and chemical cleaning. Sulphur decreased for all samples after chemical cleaning as expected. Taking these variations into consideration, calorific value decrease were deducted and possible reasons of this decrease was inferred. Corresponding differentiations were compared to calorific value differentiation and the most significant reasoning of the calorific value decrease was evaluated.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/362/1/012092 fatcat:yxzu2m3l2jgr7mugpchrczabrq