Applications of High-Pressure Technology for High-Entropy Alloys: A Review

Wanqing Dong, Zheng Zhou, Mengdi Zhang, Yimo Ma, Pengfei Yu, Peter K. Liaw, Gong Li
2019 Metals  
High-entropy alloys are a new type of material developed in recent years. It breaks the traditional alloy-design conventions and has many excellent properties. High-pressure treatment is an effective means to change the structures and properties of metal materials. The pressure can effectively vary the distance and interaction between molecules or atoms, so as to change the bonding mode, and form high-pressure phases. These new material states often have different structures and
more » ... compared to untreated metal materials. At present, high-pressure technology is an effective method to prepare alloys with unique properties, and there are many techniques that can achieve high pressures. The most commonly used methods include high-pressure torsion, large cavity presses and diamond-anvil-cell presses. The materials show many unique properties under high pressures which do not exist under normal conditions, providing a new approach for the in-depth study of materials. In this paper, high-pressure (HP) technologies applied to high-entropy alloys (HEAs) are reviewed, and some possible ways to develop good properties of HEAs using HP as fabrication are introduced. Moreover, the studies of HEAs under high pressures are summarized, in order to deepen the basic understanding of HEAs under high pressures, which provides the theoretical basis for the application of high-entropy alloys.
doi:10.3390/met9080867 fatcat:65iwt6jt2rco5a7jnkqoqxkfv4