Effective Biobased Phosphorus Flame Retardants from Starch-Derived bis-2,5-(Hydroxymethyl)Furan

Howell, Han
2020 Molecules  
A series of biobased phosphorus flame retardants has been prepared by converting starch-derived bis-2,5-(hydroxymethyl)furan to the corresponding diacrylate followed by Michael addition of phosphite to generate derivatives with phosphorus moieties attached via P–C bonds. All compounds behave as effective flame retardants in DGEBA epoxy resin. The most effective is the DOPO derivative, 2,5-di[(3-dopyl-propanoyl)methyl]furan. When incorporated into a DGEBA blend at a level to provide 2%
more » ... rovide 2% phosphorus, a material displaying a LOI of 30, an UL 94 rating of V0 and a 40% reduction in combustion peak heat release rate compared to that for resin containing no additive is obtained. The analogous compounds generated from bisphenol A and tetrabromobisphenol A exhibit similar flame-retarding properties.
doi:10.3390/molecules25030592 fatcat:ovzg7qcl7nf3hidov4xunf733m