The Application of Interest Teaching Mode in College Computer Teaching

Weihua Xu
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation   unpublished
In the present era, computer technology is developing rapidly, and its status in people's minds is also higher and higher. In daily work and life, computer technology is widely used. Computer education in Colleges and universities can be a good foundation for advanced computer learning, so people also pay more and more attention to it, which requires school computer classroom efficiency be guaranteed. This paper is to study the scientific application of interest teaching mode in computer
more » ... g in colleges and universities in order to realize teaching purpose. Interest is the best teacher and the power source of student knowledge study. In teaching, appply college students' curiosity so as to improve students' learning interest and enthusiasm for learning and further improve the quality of classroom teaching. Only pay more attention to talent training could the country get development and progress, and personnel training is a process which should begin from an early age. College students, as national hope, should receive higher quality teaching, and computer education in colleges and universities must pay attention to the effectiveness of teaching and cultivate students' logical thinking ability and operation ability. The use of interest teaching mode can increase students' interest in computer learning so that the effectiveness of teaching can be guaranteed. This paper is to study the scientific application of interest teaching mode in computer teaching in colleges and universities in order to realize teaching purpose. BENEFITS OF INTEREST TEACHING MODE APPLICATION IN UNIVERSITY COMPUTER TEACHING Students usually feel computer classroom boring. The application of interest teaching method in computer teaching can let students independently operate computer, feel the charm of computer science so as to improve their learning interest, and eventually make students memorize knowledge more firmly. Interest teaching method, compared to traditional computer teaching model, can arouse the students' interest in learning. Students autonomously operate computer, make the most basic operation ability be improved, and also improve teaching quality. It is good for students to master computer operation so as to stimulate learning interest In the course of computer learning, teachers can use interest teaching to increase the curiosity and interest of students so as to explore computer independently. In the classroom, teachers can display wonders of computer operation to the students to attract students' attention in order to make students have the desire to ascertain on computer learning. Once the students have the interest and learning desire of computer learning, they will be conscious to the exploration. In this autonomous exploration process, students can not only master computer knowledge but improve computer operation ability. Harmonious classroom atmosphere Interest teaching mode application in computer teaching not only increase teacher-student interaction session, but also is conducive to the cultivation of the feelings between teachers and students. In usually cases, if students like teachers, they will listen carefully and answer questions actively. If they don't like the teachers, they would not attend the classes and sometimes sabotage. The use of interest teaching method can make students interested in learning computer, and students will also like the computer teacher, thus enhance the emotion between teachers and students, make more active classroom atmosphere and a good teaching environment, which is the premise of improving teaching quality.
doi:10.2991/asei-15.2015.122 fatcat:izlmxrm7angrjgsgm2dilhrpta