Cohort size and propensity to migrate. Internal migration in Sweden between 1961 and 1988, by age and sex
Effectif des generations et propension a migrer. La migration interne en Suede de 1961 a 1988, selon l'age et le sexe

T Bengtsson
1991 Cahiers québécois de démographie  
Internal migration patterns in Sweden and the propensity to migrate during the period from 1961 to 1988 are analyzed and compared. The author finds that "significant shifts between different age groups have occurred. However, no generation effect (link between the size of birth groups and migration intensity) can be detected. What seems to be the that a new pattern of migratory movements emerges." (SUMMARY IN ENG AND SPA)
pmid:12317203 fatcat:w6gvep7chbfmvnakdfl4pjgd5q