Petrology and Tectonic Setting of Volcanic Rocks in West and South West of Salafchegan, Qom, Iran

Mozhgan Taheri, Afshin Ashja Ardalan, Mohammad Hashem Emami, Seyed Jamal Shaikh Zakariay
2017 Open Journal of Geology  
In the west and south-west part of Salafchegan near Zavarian village in Iran (in central Iranian volcano plotonic belt), there are some volcanic rocks. Based on petrography and geochemistry findings, these volcanic rocks are Basalt, Andesite, Tracky-Andesite, Trackyte, Latite, Dacite. Tectono-magmatic diagram Y versus Zr shows the magmatic arc setting and Zr/TiO 2 versus Ce/P 2 O 5 diagram contrasts post colligenal magmatic arcs. The HFSE depletion in the MORB spider diagram shows significant
more » ... shows significant volcanic arc magmatism. The high enrichment of Eu, Sr, Th, Rb, Cs, K (LFS elements) and Y, Zr, Hf shows negative anomaly and subduction tectonic setting. Based on MORB, Chondrite and primitive mantle spider diagrams, LREE have enriched to HREE in this area. The results of petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting studies in this area, indicate that neogene magmatism occurred in post colligenal tectonic setting-subduction of Neo-thetise ocean under central Iranian plate in neogen era.
doi:10.4236/ojg.2017.76050 fatcat:kxqfqhyhvbas5foyep6ywy4mcu