Elena Funina, Evgeni Frolov
2016 The Russian Journal of Physical Education and Sport (Pedagogical-Psychological and Medico-Biological Problems of Physical Culture and Sports)   unpublished
Annotation. Physical culture lessons at a pedagogical higher educational establishment don't provide the necessary volume o f physical activity, which is demanded for health indices improvement, many-sided physical development, harmonious development of the future specialists in the sphere o f education. Special urgency of this problem is in the fact that teachers at schools are to form the need for systematic use o f physical culture and sport means among children and teen­ agers. The practice
more » ... agers. The practice o f professional training of the future teachers proves that the students from pedagogical higher educational establishments need motivation increase for physical exercises, importance understanding o f health improvement, intellectual and physical working capacity increase as the main condition o f a normal functioning of an organism. Material. The article is about the way o f this problem solution by means of physical-sports environment organization in order to involve students from pedagogical higher educational establishments into sports lifestyle. The opportunity to go in for a sports-health improving complex, equipped with different training simulators, with methodical help o f an instructor creates the conditions for an individual model creation o f a sports lifestyle formation. Research methods: scientific and scientific-methodical literature analysis, pedagogical experiment, testing, static handling of material. Results. The article is about the conditions, in which during the process of training in a sports-health-improving complex, the need for systematic fulfillment of different physical exercises, the skills of individual model creation o f involvement into sports life-styleis formed. Pedagogical experiment results showed the prospectivity and effectiveness of the offered by the author approach to the problem solution o f a conceptual change o f pedagogical Universities students' physical upbringing content. Conclusion. Physical-sports environment creation helps to form a steady interest to physical culture and sport as an effective means of a phenotypic status creation, which is demanded by society. The importance o f this thesis realization will help to understand the necessity of creating an individual model o f involvement into sports lifestyle by students. Independent lessons in physical-sports complex create the conditions for an individual model creation of involvement onto sports life style.