An optimal permissible source region strategy for multispectral bioluminescence tomography

Jinchao Feng, Kebin Jia, Guorui Yan, Shouping Zhu, Chenghu Qin, Yujie Lv, Jie Tian
2008 Optics Express  
Multispectral bioluminescence tomography (BLT) attracts increasing more attention in the area of small animal studies because multispectral data acquisition could help in the 3D location of bioluminescent sources. Generally, BLT problem is ill-posed and a priori information is indispensable to reconstruction bioluminescent source uniquely and quantitatively. In this paper, we propose a spectrally solved bioluminescence tomography algorithm with an optimal permissible source region strategy.
more » ... egion strategy. Being the most different from earlier studies, an optimal permissible source region strategy which is automatically selected without human intervention is developed to reduce the ill-posedness of BLT and therefore improves the reconstruction quality. Furthermore, both numerical stability and computational efficiency benefit from the strategy. In the numerical experiments, a heterogeneous phantom is used to evaluate the proposed algorithm and the synthetic data is produced by Monte Carlo method for avoiding the inverse crime. The results demonstrate the feasibility and potential of our methodology for reconstructing the distribution of bioluminescent sources.
doi:10.1364/oe.16.015640 pmid:18825203 fatcat:chlsjmjswrfgpdra3liw2tx5lu