Springback Calibration of a U-Shaped Electromagnetic Impulse Forming Process

Xiaohui Cui, Zhiwu Zhang, Hailiang Yu, Xiaoting Xiao, Yongqi Cheng
2019 Metals  
A three-dimensional (3D) finite-element model (FEM), including quasi-static stamping, sequential coupling for electromagnetic forming (EMF) and springback, was established to analyze the springback calibration by electromagnetic force. Results show that the tangential stress at the sheet bending region is reduced, and even the direction of tangential stress at the bending region is changed after EMF. The springback can be significantly reduced with a higher discharge voltage. The simulation
more » ... The simulation results are in good agreement with the experiment results, and the simulation method has a high accuracy in predicting the springback of quasi-static stamping and electromagnetic forming.
doi:10.3390/met9050603 fatcat:xskbty65rfejjfutohgiyay4qy