University of Michigan Radiocarbon Dates XIII

H. R. Crane, James B. Griffin
1970 Radiocarbon: An International Journal of Cosmogenic Isotope Research  
The following is a list of dates obtained since the compilation of List XII. The method is essentially the same as described in that list. Two CO2-CS2Geiger counter systems were used. Equipment and counting techniques have been described elsewhere (Crane, 1961). Dates and estimates of error in this list follow the practice recommended by the International Radiocarbon Dating Conferences of 1962 and 1965, in that (a) dates are computed on the basis of the Libby half-life, 5570 yr, (b) a.d. 1950
more » ... yr, (b) a.d. 1950 is used as the zero of the age scale, and (c) the errors quoted are the standard deviations obtained from the numbers of counts only. In Michigan date lists up to and including VII, we quoted errors at least twice as great as the statistical errors of counting, to take account of other errors in the over-all process.
doi:10.1017/s0033822200036250 fatcat:yjf4llyeb5gjpc3sfkvyuqbpee