Reports of Medical Societies

1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
ast. 50 years, died March 12, 1859. He was a shoemaker by trade, and for many years he had applied himself very closely to his business, often working from twelve to sixteen hours per day. Ho was about 5 feet 0 inches in height, well proportioned, and weighed L40 pounds. He was of a nervous temperament. He was strictly temperate, and in all his moral habits ho was, I believe, correct. His health, previous to his last sickness, had been generally good. Prom his ancestors, both paternal and
more » ... paternal and maternal, he inherited a sound constitution ; for generations back they were remarkable for their longevity. Ill's father was nearly 8 t years old when he died; his mother, aged 82, is yet living. About two years ago, Mr.-consulted me at my office, on account of an urinary affection. He said, that for eight years (and he could fix the time positively as far back as that, by a particular circumstance, which he recalled) he had been annoyed by frequent and
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