Ein Elefant auf Abwegen

Andreas Wiebel
2016 Prokla  
Why did Narendra Modi become the new prime minister of India? What are the consequences of his election for Indian society? After giving a brief overview over hindunational principles and history, the article focuses on two aspects: the alliance between neoliberal economy and right-wing Hindunationalism (Hindutva) and Communalism, which can be seen as the political strategy to organize majorities for this two-headed project. By shifting towards a Hindu state, India said goodbye to the secular
more » ... ye to the secular and pluralistic columns of Nehruvianism. On the surface Modi appears to be a big reformer, but underneath one can clearly see that his economic growth agenda benefits only parts of Indian society, and that on a structural level the Hindutva movement is fighting for a cultural turning point concerning language, religion and nation, called Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan.
doi:10.32387/prokla.v46i182.101 fatcat:essqkinsyvdb5ardejnrdvhyju