A Smart Growth Plan Based on the Improved Gini Coefficient

Yuwei Zhang, Mengyue Yang
2018 Frontiers in Management Research  
The central idea of smart growth is that structured and strategic planning supports economic growth, addresses community needs, and protects the environment. The main assertion of this paper is to help implementing smart growth initiatives into cities' design. Considering the three E's of sustainability (they are Economically prosperous, socially Equitable, and Environmentally Sustainable) and the ten principles for smart growth, the paper selects a city as examples and obtains data from 2007
more » ... 2014 from the comprehensive survey of cities managed by National Bureau of Statistics and uses SPSS to address the data and classify them into 12 index types considering the three E's of sustainability and the 10 principles of smart growth. We use two indexes to plot a curve and work out its area as the area coefficient similar to the Gini coefficient by Parabolic interpolation method. We improve the rationality of some values of area coefficient artificially and construct a reasonable judgment matrix. Next we assign the weight of each index in light of judgment matrix by MATLAB and design a function to measure the success of smart growth of city, which contains scores based on National Civilized City Evaluation System and weight values put on indexes according to the degree of building a smart growth city. The paper applies the method to choose the key factors relatively: greenbelt and garden area, amounts of fixed facilities and housing opportunities and choices. We give several suggestions to support the level of smart growth. The merits and demerits of the metric and extensions are also discussed in the last part.
doi:10.22606/fmr.2018.21003 fatcat:egg4wfz4nvhdpjp4dch7asawv4