Decoupling Model-Based Fuzzy Logic Control of Room Temperature and Humidity

Snejana Yordanova
The control of room temperature and humidity is important for ensuring of the necessary indoor human comfort for optimal work capacity and effective rest. The plant nonlinearity and the variables coupling require intelligent control techniques in order to satisfy the high performance demands. The present paper suggests a procedure for the design of a simple for industrial implementation fuzzy logic controller on the principle of parallel distributed compensation (PDC) that consists of linear
more » ... al decoupling two-variable controllers. It is based on a Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) plant model, derived from experimentally obtained plant step responses using expert knowledge and parameter optimisation via genetic algorithms. The design is applied for the control of the temperature and the relative humidity of a laboratory air-conditioning system. The PDC system outperforms an existing Mamdani two-variable control system with adaptive properties in shorter settling time, higher robustness and reduced overshoot, estimated from simulations.
doi:10.25728/assa.2021.21.1.963 fatcat:4o6yymz2ybbnfjufw25ypcndgq