Dielectric and Mechanical Properties of BaBi2(Nb0.99V0.01)2O9 Ceramics

M. Adamczyk, L. Kozielski, M. Pawełczyk, M. Pilch
2011 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
0.99 V 0.01 ) 2 O 9 CERAMICS WŁASNOŚCI MECHANICZNE CERAMIKI BBN DOMIESZKOWANEJ WANADEM The BBN ceramics doped by vanadium have been broadly recognized by using nano indentation techniques and ultrasound velocity and measurements. The results affirm that the vanadium admixture significantly improved the mechanical quality of ceramics. Such a small dopant doesn't change the dielectric properties, but we obtain visible increasing of the dielectric permittivity value and shifts the temperature of
more » ... he temperature of the ε max to higer values. The vanadium admixture decreased the diffusion degree γ as well as influenced on the parameters characteristic for the relaxor behaviour. Our suggestion is that partial substitution of the smaller vanadium ions into the niobium sites renders for example ordering of the dipoles.
doi:10.2478/v10172-011-0130-9 fatcat:3twikwgesrhsdf5av7dyvjzmre