Offering Appropriate Information Technologies at Different Stages in the Customer Service Life Cycle for Improved Service Delivery

Jennifer E. Gerow, Janis Miller
2010 Journal of Service Science and Management  
The service sector is growing in importance in the US, particularly in B2B contexts. Despite this, research in these areas lags behind manufacturing and B2C studies. The purpose of this article is to begin addressing this issue by looking at how information technology can improve service delivery in B2B contexts by looking at the fit between the CSLC and a mix of customer contact technology modes. Specifically, we look at how Web 2. technologies facilitate interorganizational communication even
more » ... communication even for small and medium businesses by providing a wider variety of technologies at a lower cost. This allows businesses to use technology to reduce business customer uncertainty and equivocality, hence improving the quality of their service delivery. Due to the increasing use of the Internet as a source of communication and the evolution of customer expectations, this is becoming an increasingly important research topic. Propositions and implications are presented. Technology-Mediated the service customer and service representative interact with technology but they do not interact with each other [8] Peer-to-Peer the customers discuss (with other customers) the supplier's service on a supplier-provided platform Technology-Generated the service customer interacts directly with the technology without the assistance of a service representative [8] Technology-Only Mode the computer systems at both companies interact with each other with no human involvement Customer Service Life Cycle Opportunity Requirements analyze and define purchase requirements, gather service information from suppliers, and identify service providers that meet requirements [9, 11] Acquisition search for and identify potential suppliers, order the service, transfer funds, and evaluate the service [9, 12, 13] Ownership integrate the service into business processes, monitor the interaction [9, 12] Retirement analyze expenses and switching costs [9, 12]
doi:10.4236/jssm.2010.31001 fatcat:g3xvf4zxorhrzgc5cddsvsf2d4