CD59 receptor targeted delivery of miRNA-1284 and Cisplatin-loaded liposomes for effective therapeutic efficacy against cervical cancers [post]

2020 unpublished
Co-delivery of two different therapeutics (miRNA-1284 and cisplatin (CDDP)) into the cancer cells in a single nanocarrier provides new dimension to the cancer treatment. In this study, we have designed the CD59sp-conjugated miRNA-1284/cisplatin(CDDP)-loaded liposomes for the enhanced therapeutic effect against cervical cancers. Compared with miRNA-1284/CDDP-loaded liposomes (LP-miCDDP), CD59 antibody-conjugated LP-miCDDP (CD/LP-miCDDP) showed a significantly higher cytotoxicity in HeLa cells.
more » ... ty in HeLa cells. Notably, MiR-1284 showed a typical concentration-dependent cell killing effect in the cervical cancer cells owing to the downregulation of HMGB1. Flow cytometer analysis showed that CD/LP-miCDDP resulted in maximum apoptosis effect (~60%) compared to CDDP (~20%) or miR-1284 (~12%) treated cells indicating the superior anticancer effect in the cancer cells. Importantly, CD/LP-miCDDP significantly prolonged the blood circulation of encapsulated drug in rats with significantly higher AUC (o-t) , t 1/2 and lower CL compared to that of free CDDP. Overall, results demonstrated that targeted and synergistic co-delivery of therapeutic components could be promising in cervical cancer therapy.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.22723/v1 fatcat:xi73ebb5uja5fit2y6p25nmsie