Vegetable Physiology

1895 American Naturalist  
Vegetable Physiology. 671 oblanceolate, very variable, slightly acute to obtuse, less hirsute on the upper surface; stipules ovate, acuminate, scarious-margined, inclined to he scarious with green veins; flowers like lotiftorus, very small, yellowish-white to pale lilac, one to three in a raceme almost sessile in the axils of leaves, peduncle lengthening to half an inch in fruit; not like lotiflorus in equalling the leaves; calyx with lanceolate, acuminate teeth, persistent; legume right-angled
more » ... legume right-angled from the peduncle, halfovate or slightly crescent-shaped, acuminate 1 inch long, 4 lines deep, sessile in the calyx, thick chartaceous, one-celled, sometimes crosswrinkled; seeds in two rows, short-kidney-shaped, numerous.
doi:10.1086/276204 fatcat:aj46otbiknbx7o4oec4dwe7qvm