A System for Constructing a Synonym Dictionary

2008 Journal of Natural Language Processing  
To identify a synonym is a necessary procedure for text processing such as information retrieval and text mining.We can expect to improve the proficiency and performance in text processing by constructing a synonym dictionary.Same words might possibly be used as a different meaning if the target field differs,so a synonym dictionary has to be constructed for each field.In some fields in Japanese,such as in aviation, synonym nouns include kanji/hiragana,katakana,alphabet and their abbreviations.
more » ... heir abbreviations. Many of these words are not registerd in a general dictionary.In addition,as new words always come to be used,the dictionary update is a big issue. In this paper,we propose a system for constructing a synonym dictionary.The system will return synonym candidates on the descending order of similarity against a query.A synonym can be easily registered in a dictionary by looking the synonym candidates generated by the proposed system.We define a context information as
doi:10.5715/jnlp.15.2_39 fatcat:u5je7f444nbjvjzsudixyofjmu