Variation of Grain Height Characteristics of Electroplated cBN Grinding-Wheel Active Surfaces Associated with Their Wear

Anna Bazan, Andrzej Kawalec, Tomasz Rydzak, Pawel Kubik
2020 Metals  
During the operation of a single-layer grinding wheel (SLGW), irreversible changes occur on its active surface due to wear. The study of grinding-wheel microgeometry changes can be based on the measurement of the surface texture as well as the determination and analysis of its parameters. The article deals with the selection of suitable texture parameters and an appropriate mathematical model carrying information about the SLGW condition. In the study, samples of Pyrowear 53 steel were ground
more » ... steel were ground using electroplated cBN single-layer grinding wheels until they were completely worn out or removed assumed volume of the workpiece material. Each SLGW worked with constant process parameters. Among the 144 parameters tested, the highest sensitivity to changes in wheel active surfaces caused by wear was shown by the mean value of the mean island heights Zmean_m. In-depth research was conducted for Zmean_m and reduced peak height Spk. Compared to Spk, Zmean_m has proven to be a better measure of wear, especially when large areas of sticking occur. Moreover, the second-degree models linking Zmean_m and Spk to the process parameters and the specific material loss were better suited to the empirical data than the exponential models.
doi:10.3390/met10111479 fatcat:tptzywwmrfa3rnmxkcxnnmi4py