Optimisation of a Naviglio-assisted extraction followed by determination of piperine content in Piper longum extracts

Giulia Gigliarelli, Rita Pagiotti, Diana Persia, Maria Carla Marcotullio
2016 Figshare  
Studies were made to increase the yield of piperine extraction using Naviglio Extractor® solid–liquid dynamic extractor (SLDE) from fruits of Piper longum. The effects of ratio w/v were investigated and optimised for the best method. The maximum yield of piperine (317.7 mg/g) from P. longum fruits was obtained in SLDE 1:50 ethanol extract. Extraction yields of piperine obtained from Soxhlet extraction, decotion (International Organization for Standardization) and conventional maceration
more » ... on methods were found to be 233.7, 231.8 and 143.6 mg/g, respectively. The results of the present study indicated that Naviglio Extractor® is an effective technique for the extraction of piperine from long pepper.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3578277.v1 fatcat:nbznhe5pbrejlkr6wijuqffk6u