3D Numerical Ray Tracing for the APS-Upgrade Storage Ring Vacuum System Design

Jason Carter, Tilmont, Manuel (Ed.), Tavakoli, Keihan (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The APS-Upgrade project will build a diffraction lim-ited storage ring requiring a vacuum system design with small aperture vacuum chambers passing through narrow magnet poles. The small apertures dictate that the walls of the vacuum chambers act as distributed photon ab-sorbers. The vacuum chambers must be designed robustly so a thorough understanding of the synchrotron ray trac-ing with beam missteering is required. A MatLab program has been developed to investigate 3D ray tracing with beam
more » ... tracing with beam missteering. The program dis-cretizes local phase spaces of deviation possibilities along the beam path in both the horizontal and vertical planes of motion and then projects rays within a 3D mod-el of the vacuum system. The 3D model contains ele-ments in sequence along the beam path which represent both chamber segments and photon absorbers. Ray strikes are evaluated for multiple worst-case criteria such as local power intensity or strike offset from cooling channels. The worst case results are plotted and used as boundary conditions for vacuum chamber ther-mal/structural analyses. The results have also helped inform decisions about practical beam position limits.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2018-thoama05 fatcat:2rtt4bauvferzhfz5nopp35yme