Preparation of ternary ZnO/Ag/cellulose and its enhanced photocatalytic degradation property on phenol and benzene in VOCs

Xiao-Hang Zou, Si-Wei Zhao, Ji-Guo Zhang, Hui-Liang Sun, Qing-Jiang Pan, Yuan-Ru Guo
2019 Open Chemistry  
The ZnO/Ag/cellulose composite (ZAC) with excellent photocatalytic activity of degrading benzene and phenol in VOCs has been successfully synthesized. EDS, TEM, XPS and UV-vis analyses show that the ZAC is a ternary composite. It is composed of Ag, ZnO and cellulose, where the cellulose works as the substrate to anchor the other two components. The X-ray diffraction patterns find well-crystallized ZnO nanoparticles. Multiple PL peaks in the visible region measured for ZAC, imply rich defects on
more » ... ply rich defects on ZnO. It is observed that Ag nanoparticles are mainly attached on ZnO in the composite, which would raise the separation efficiency of photogenerated electrons and holes. Photocatalytic degradation shows that ZAC is able to decompose almost 100% phenol and 19% benzene in VOCs under UV light irradiation (6 W) which is almost no harm to human body. Due to the renewable cellulose, our ternary composite ZAC imparts low-cost, easily recycled and flexible merits, which might be applied in the indoor VOCs treatment.
doi:10.1515/chem-2019-0088 fatcat:yifmcpkszvautlivsa32hpr4b4