Formation Mechanism of MgO Containing Inclusions in the Molten Steel Refined in MgO Refractory Crucibles

Yiyan Li, Wen Yang, Lifeng Zhang
2020 Metals  
In order to study the influence of MgO refractory on inclusions during the steelmaking process, laboratory quasi-equilibrium experiments were performed in MgO crucibles at 1873 K. It was found that there were no MgO-containing inclusions formed when ultra-low Al ultra-low C steel was used. When the contents of dissolved Al and C in steel changed, different composition ranges led to different types of inclusions. It was shown as well that for both low Al high C steel and high Al low C steel, the
more » ... order of average MgO content in inclusions from large to small was: MgO-10% slag addition > MgO-free slag addition > no slag addition. Based on the results, a simple formation mechanism of MgO-containing inclusions in the steel with different compositions in MgO crucibles was proposed. The results could provide guidance for the reduction of MgO-containing inclusions in the industrial production of steels.
doi:10.3390/met10040444 fatcat:k4jhwpujzjabhexh2jrq2qft5a