Pr and F co-doped SnO_2 transparent conductive films with high work function deposited by ion-assisted electron beam evaporation

Shaohang Wu, Yantao Li, Jinsong Luo, Jie Lin, Yi Fan, Zhihong Gan, Xingyuan Liu
2014 Optics Express  
A transparent conductive oxide (TCO) Pr and F co-doped SnO 2 (PFTO) film is prepared by ion-assisted electron beam deposition. An optimized PFTO film shows a high average visible optical transmittance of 83.6% and a minimum electrical resistivity of 3.7 × 10 −3 Ω·cm corresponding to a carrier density of 1.298 × 10 20 cm −3 and Hall mobility of 12.99 cm 2 /V⋅s. This PFTO film shows a high work function of 5.147 eV and favorable surface morphology with an average roughness of 1.45 nm.
more » ... fluoride is found to be an effective material to dope F into SnO 2 that can simplify the fabrication process of SnO 2 -based TCO films.
doi:10.1364/oe.22.004731 pmid:24663792 fatcat:ouab5u2smnehdaj4i7u743qfdm