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1891 English Historical Review  
REVIEWS OF BOOKS 765 in preserving knowledge. Enough is here given us to show how closely Wiclif followed Fitz Ealph, how, in the words of the editor, ' he has added no essential element to the doctrine which he read in the work of his predecessor.' But he carried them further, too far for safety, when he based his politics upon them, and they passed beyond the lecture-room. "Wiclif s true importance-so far as originality is concerned-is political and literary; otherwise he is typical, but by
more » ... s typical, but by no means original or creative. The editor has given us an edition careful and complete in all respects (such as we have learnt to expect from him); it is a real contribution not only to our knowledge of Wiolif, but to the interesting study of medieval thought.
doi:10.1093/ehr/vi.xxiv.765 fatcat:crfuvt36efca3njkhlt723bmve