Application of Workability Test to Spd Processing

T. Kvačkaj, R. Kočiško, J. Tiža, J. Bidulská, A. Kováčová, R. Bidulský, J. Bacsó, M. Vlado
2013 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
The aluminium alloy with chemical conception AlMgSi prepared by PM (powder metallurgy) technology was used. The experiments such as a ring and compression test, ECAR (equal channel angular rolling) for determination of friction coefficient, stress-strain curves and material workability based on analytical methods (Freudenthal, Cockcroft-Latham and normalized Cockcroft-Latham criteria) were performed. Numerical simulations of sample processed by ECAR was carried out by a software Deform 3D with
more » ... are Deform 3D with focus on the description of stress, strain fields and workability criteria (Cockcroft-Latham and normalized Cockcroft-Latham). The prediction of fracture formations in a real ECAR sample during processing conditions was also done.
doi:10.2478/amm-2013-0008 fatcat:wyiunfqnyzfhxl7eeiroh753m4