Systemic Semantics: A Systems Approach to Building Ontologies and Concept Maps

David Rousseau, Julie Billingham, Javier Calvo-Amodio
2018 Systems  
The field of systemology does not yet have a standardised terminology; there are multiple glossaries and diverse perspectives even about the meanings of fundamental terms. This situation undermines researchers' and practitioners' ability to communicate clearly both within and outside their own specialist communities. Our perspective is that different vocabularies can in principle be reconciled by seeking more generalised definitions that reduce, in specialised contexts, to the nuanced meaning
more » ... tended in those contexts. To this end, this paper lays the groundwork for a community effort to develop an 'Ontology of Systemology'. In particular we argue that the standard methods for ontology development can be enhanced by drawing on systems thinking principles, and show via four examples how these can be applied for both domain-specific and upper ontologies. We then use this insight to derive a systemic and systematic framework for selecting and organising the terminology of systemology. The outcome of this paper is therefore twofold: We show the value in applying a systems perspective to ontology development in any discipline, and we provide a starting outline for an Ontology of Systemology. We suggest that both outcomes could help to make systems concepts more accessible to other lines of inquiry.
doi:10.3390/systems6030032 fatcat:f5n5rmfb6vd6jea7anrimo4ujy