Influence of thermal treatments on the basic and catalytic properties of Mg,Al-mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites

R. Bastiani, I. V. Zonno, I. A. V. Santos, C. A. Henriques, J. L. F. Monteiro
2004 Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering  
This work studied the influence of calcination conditions on basic properties and catalytic performance of Mg,Al-mixed oxides derived from a hydrotalcite sample (Al/(Al+Mg)=0.20). Various heating rates, calcination atmospheres and lengths of calcination at 723K were evaluated. TPD of CO 2 and retroaldolization of diacetone alcohol (DAA) were used to determine the basic properties of the mixed oxides. The basic site density determined by TPD of CO 2 showed a better correlation with catalytic
more » ... vity for acetone/citral aldol condensation than the relative basicity obtained from retroaldolization of DAA. Calcination atmosphere was the parameter that influenced most the basic and the catalytic properties of the Mg,Al-mixed oxides, with calcination under dry air being the best choice.
doi:10.1590/s0104-66322004000200008 fatcat:jl6k57lnk5ggjdun3qngef43vm