The PCG-AIID System for L3DAS22 Challenge: MIMO and MISO convolutional recurrent Network for Multi Channel Speech Enhancement and Speech Recognition [article]

Jingdong Li, Yuanyuan Zhu, Dawei Luo, Yun Liu, Guohui Cui, Zhaoxia Li
This paper described the PCG-AIID system for L3DAS22 challenge in Task 1: 3D speech enhancement in office reverberant environment. We proposed a two-stage framework to address multi-channel speech denoising and dereverberation. In the first stage, a multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) network is applied to remove background noise while maintaining the spatial characteristics of multi-channel signals. In the second stage, a multiple input and single output (MISO) network is applied to
more » ... ce the speech from desired direction and post-filtering. As a result, our system ranked 3rd place in ICASSP2022 L3DAS22 challenge and significantly outperforms the baseline system, while achieving 3.2% WER and 0.972 STOI on the blind test-set.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2202.10017 fatcat:bplxeimubzaibf2ityjxaf554y