Alignment of Quasar Polarizations on Large Scales Explained by Warped Cosmic Strings. PART II: The Second Order Contribution

Reinoud Jan Slagter
2017 Journal of Modern Physics  
We find an azimuthal-angle dependent approximate wave like solution to second order on a warped five-dimensional manifold with a self-gravitating U(1) scalar gauge field (cosmic string) on the brane using the multiple-scale method. The spectrum of the several orders of approximation show maxima of the energy distribution dependent on the azimuthal-angle and the winding numbers n of the subsequent orders of scalar field. This breakup of the How to cite this paper: Slagter, R. Open Access
more » ... Open Access azimuthal-angle dependent wavelike modes without the need of conventional density perturbations in standard 4D cosmological models. Carefully comparison of the spectrum of extremal values of the first and second order ϕdependency and the distribution of the alignment of the quasar polarizations is necessary. This can be accomplished when more observational data become available.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2017.82015 fatcat:lt7pytfxrvg65mulegxbiyqzam