Radiological assessment in case of an incident at the hot cells clean-up

Cristian Dragolici, Adrian Zorliu
2014 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
The clean-up and de con tam i na tion of the hot cells will be per formed in the sec ond phase of the WWR-S re search re ac tor de com mis sion ing. Iden ti fi ca tion of pos si ble in ci dents or ac cidents is the key el e ment in ra dio log i cal as sess ment and pre ven tion. As ma jor in ci dent it was con sid ered a fire burst that oc curred dur ing the prog ress of the clean-up op er a tions. The postu lated in ci dent has, as a con se quence, thick smoke gen er a tion from the burned ra
more » ... from the burned ra dio ac tive ma te rial and the dis per sion of this ma te rial in the en vi ron ment through the tech no log i cal ven ti la tion sys tem and the evac u a tion chim ney. From the per formed anal y sis it can be seen that in the case of an in ci dent to the re ac tor hot cells, an op er a tor en gaged in in ter ven tion oper a tions could take an ef fec tive dose of 5.29 Sv per event, com ing from both ex ter nal and inter nal ex po sure. Such an in ci dent, if it hap pens, would be clas si fied of level 3 on the INES scale. Key words: hot cell, ra di a tion pro tec tion, dose as sess ment, in ci dent sce nario, fire burst C. A. Dragolici, et al.: Ra dio log i cal As sess ment in Case of an In ci dent at .
doi:10.2298/ntrp1402157d fatcat:rdf3cocf2jhpzft2zuqmkkzghy