Ternary Ladder Operators [post]

Benedict Irwin
2020 unpublished
We develop a triplet operator system which encompasses the structure of quark combinations. Ladder operators are created. The constants β are currently being found. Ternary Ladders Based on quarks Define: (1) So in Triplet operations exists operations which have an eigenstate of |α > and counting triplets and also binary operations in the same way quarks combine. So considering the β terms. The only time β α− 2 3 a might arise is if an a has operated on a state that is already filled by α − 2 3
more » ... . So, it should seem appropriate that if α = 0 this coeficcient drops to zero to prevent negative integer fillings. This proposes a trial function of 1
doi:10.22541/au.160435635.57760752/v1 fatcat:uar5gdxpvjhyzfve4hcwbpngcu