Albuminuria at the Seventh Month of Pregnancy; Severe Gastralgia; Induced Labor; Recovery

1877 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
which have been induced by this accident may remain and still exert the most deleterious influence on the health of the patient. It is sometimes necessary to advise some preparatory treatment before resorting to the operation, as in Case IV., where the evidence of an attack of cellular inflammation remained, which was removed by the use of the hot vaginal douche and the local application of the tincture of iodine. Or if the case has been one of long standing and the cervix is in a condition of
more » ... in a condition of cystic degeneration this will require attention, in order that when the everted surfaces of the canal are rolled back into position again at the time of the operation, none of these little cysts may be included in the wound. Dr. Emmet's operation, which he so fully describes in his paper, is certainly one of the most practicable and highly satisfactory known in the department of uterine surgery. It consists simply in denuding the surfaces of the laceration and in bringing them together with silver sutures, which are to be left in place for eight days or more, as the case may be.
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