Long-term Sustainable Energy Strategy: Cyprus's Energy Transition to Hydrogen Economy [post]

Andreas Poullikkas
2020 unpublished
The present document aims to record the main actions that Cyprus needs to carry out in order to draw up a comprehensive long–term sustainable energy strategy for its transition from carbon economy to hydrogen economy. It provides a brief description of the European sustainable energy strategy up to 2050, with reference to the basic principles for the trading of greenhouse gas emissions. It also offers a discussion on the cost of renewable energy sources with regard to the energy transition and
more » ... ays to reduce this cost. Furthermore, it describes Cyprus's transition to the hydrogen economy by 2050, focusing on the importance of electricity interconnections and Cyprus's crucial role with respect to the transition of Southeastern Mediterranean countries to hydrogen economy and how they could become energy exporters to Europe. Last but not least, this document presents the framework for drafting a long–term energy strategy for Cyprus, followed by a report on how this strategy could constitute an agreement between all political groups in Cyprus. In so doing, it pinpoints the year 2050 as a target for the energy transition of Cyprus to a hydrogen economy.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/js5hu fatcat:cyefg2dbfnfwnbvsyqxuyuwjtu