Nomos akumulacji pierwotnej i anomos dóbr wspólnych w dobie niewczesnej nowoczesności

Łukasz Moll
2020 Civitas : Studia z Filozofii Polityki  
The article aims to challenge the narrative on modernity, which was presented by Carl Schmitt in his book The Nomos of the Earth. The publication of Polish translation of this classic book is a good opportunity to re-think the conditions of possibility of Schmitt's philosophical and geopolitical discourse. The German jurist described the formation of Eurocentric and stato-centric global order (nomos) in a way, that delegitimized the practices of resistance as unlawful (anomos). The author
more » ... ). The author proposes – following Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari – to re-interpret the terms nomos and anomos in order to present anomos in positive way, as a potentiality to form an alternative political order. In conclusion the author tries to convince that the order of anomos is based upon the development of the commons and its contemporary manifestations express themselves in the practices of social movements, which disturb linear vision of history.
doi:10.35757/civ.2020.26.02 fatcat:gb6kx5mi3jcjdhmj5esbhattoe