Three-Dimensional Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection Based on Fruit Fly Optimisation Density Peak Clustering

Wei Li, Ranran Deng, Yingjie Zhang, Zhaoyun Sun, Xueli Hao, Ju Huyan
2019 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Complex pavement texture and noise impede the effectiveness of existing 3D pavement crack detection methods. To improve pavement crack detection accuracy, we propose a 3D asphalt pavement crack detection algorithm based on fruit fly optimisation density peak clustering (FO-DPC). Firstly, the 3D data of asphalt pavement are collected, and a 3D image acquisition system is built using Gocator3100 series binocular intelligent sensors. Then, the fruit fly optimisation algorithm is adopted to improve
more » ... adopted to improve the density peak clustering algorithm. Clustering analysis that can accurately detect cracks is performed on the height characteristics of the 3D data of the asphalt pavement. Finally, the clustering results are projected onto a 2D space and compared with the results of other 2D crack detection methods. Following this comparison, it is established that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing methods in detecting asphalt pavement cracks.
doi:10.1155/2019/4302805 fatcat:p75z7jgzzvfbld47b3vavxmqtm