Toxicity Assessment of Biologically Degraded Product of Textile Dye Acid Red G

Priti Faldu, Vishal Kothari, Charmy Kothari, Jalpa Rank, Ankit Hinsu, Ramesh Kothari
2019 Defence Life Science Journal  
Azo dyes are of environmental concern due to their recalcitrant nature. Several azo dyes and their decolorized and degraded products exert toxic and mutagenic effects on the flora and fauna. The toxic properties of these azo dyes are due to nature and position of the substitution with respect to the aromatic rings and amino nitrogen atoms. Several studies have thus far been emphasized on biodegradation of azo dye pollutants, though role of their biodegraded product is rarely studied. Given a
more » ... studied. Given a lack of this understanding, we have analyzed the effects of degraded products of a di-azo textile dye Acid Red G by newly isolated bacterial species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa PFK10 and Brevibacillus choshinensis PFK11. The genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of Acid Red G and their degraded products were tested on HeLa cell line and Human lymphocyte cell, respectively. The data of MTT assay has been shown that activity of degraded products of the Acid Red G were comparable to their parent dye. But chromosome aberration assay and sister chromatid exchange assay did not show any significant changes in chromosomes as compared to positive control mitomicine.
doi:10.14429/dlsj.4.14972 fatcat:ghextgtppbf4hdh7vvqtb7owxa