ORIGINAL ARTICLES The Influence of Turkey on the State of Johore: A Study on Majallat al-Ahkam al-Adliyyah

Abdul Mohamad, Abdul Mohamad
2012 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Turkey during the Ottoman Empire was a strong and influential Islamic country. Its influential can be seen while it was ruled by Sultan Abdul Hamid I, followed by Sultan Salim III and Sultan Mahmud II. At the same time, they were supported and assisted by competent and proficient officers in the administration of the country. The power and influence of the greatness of the Ottoman Empire was not only to a few countries such as Egypt, Kurdistan, Jordan, Syria and countries in Central Asia, but
more » ... Central Asia, but it spread to Malaya at that time. This can be proved by looking at a good relationship had been built between the Sultans of Johore with the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire at that time in several aspects, including a few awards had been awarded to the Sultans of Johore and vice versa. The most meaningful thing is the translation of Majallat al-Ahkam al-Adliyyah (the Ottoman Civil Code 1876), which was put into effect over a period of several years (1869-1876) in Ottoman Empire, into Malay language, which was named as Majalah Ahkam Johore and it being a primary referent source at that time in courts in the State of Johore in the field of Islamic civil law.