Women's Work and Assets: Considering Property Ownership from a Transnational Feminist Perspective

Johanna C Luttrell
2020 Feminist Philosophy Quarterly  
Development literature on global gender empowerment devotes much attention to employment, a code word for the inclusion of women's labor in the global market. Recent work in transnational feminisms shows that the emphasis on employment over assets may not prevent exploitation of labor and perpetuity of poverty. This paper first highlights research on how women are increasingly taking on too much responsibility, working in a confluence of survival-oriented activities that undermine their own
more » ... rmine their own well-being. I also address how women are increasingly able to get out of poverty: when they can labor in such a way that they are not merely working to survive but also working for accumulation of their own material assets, foremost of which is basic housing. Finally, I consider these transnational feminist insights about the importance of housing for women in light of philosophical concerns about property ownership, specifically Locke's theory of property. In justifying property rights through labor, and arguing against the state's right to usurp property, a Lockean can give a defense against forced evictions that still occur in some contexts and give support for a normative connection between women's labor and assets.
doi:10.5206/fpq/2020.1.6308 fatcat:4vdnqm3nazbghozbwmifnzwvbi