Characterization of host-parasite interactions during the experimental Trichinella spiralis infection in pigs

M. Oltean, R. Gavrea, M. Dumitrache, T. Băguţ, C. Gherman, V. Cozma, A. Györke
2012 Helminthologia  
The aim of the present experiment was to assess the clinical, haematological, biochemical and immunological responses of pigs experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis. One group of 6 pigs was infected with 1500 larvae/kg body weight and one group of 7, was maintained as control. The highest larval density was in the diaphragm (504.3 ± 8.2). During the experimental T. spiralis infection in pigs, increased values of total granulocyte number, eosinophils, blood glucose, K+ concentration,
more » ... K+ concentration, CK, ALT, AST and ALP were registered in different stages of infection. A slight increase of the phagocytic activity was registered 14 days p.i., in the infected group. Significantly increased values in lymphocyte activity, in infected group, was observed 30 and 60 days p.i. comparative with control. The specific IgG antibodies were detectable by ELISA at 14 days p.i. The results obtained in this study provide a better understanding about complete interactions occurring during Trichinella infection in pigs.
doi:10.2478/s11687-012-0029-7 fatcat:er6v3ro6abdrrjvssmy2e6bb3i