A New Crystal Bender for the ID31 Laue-Laue Monochromator

Muriel Magnin-Mattenet, Pierrick Got, Veijo Honkimaki, Amparo Vivo, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The ID31 beamline is able to provide X-Ray energies ranging from 20 to 150keV. The energy range 50-150keVis covered by a Laue-Laue monochromator located at 100meters from the source. Two asymmetrically cut Si crystals equipped with benders, based on a new concept, provide an energy resolution ranging from few hundreds of eV down to the Darwin width of few eV. The bender principle, design, manufacture and first commissioning will be described. The virtual source, produced with a white beam
more » ... a white beam transfocator, can be before or after the monochromator. Therefore the bending mechanism must allow both concave and convex configuration with bending radius from 20m to infinite. Each bender is equipped with two home made piezo-jacks in close loop with capacitive sensor. The system is liquid Nitrogen cooled. The thermal behaviour will be described in detail and thermo-mechanical finite element analysis presented.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2016-frba01 fatcat:u3ytbdkenzgplnxyjhefl2bxii