Metabolizable Energy Requirement of Growing Hanwoo Bulls for Maintenance by Energy Equilibrium Metho
에너지 균형법에 의한 한우 수소의 유지 대사에너지 요구량

2003 Journal of Animal Science and Technology  
Metabolizable energy requirements for maintenance (MEm) of Hanwoo bulls were estimated in twelves metabolism trials using three different feeds at four stages of body weight(100, 200, 300 and 400kg). Three feeds were composed of 1) concentrates and rice straw, 2) concentrates and mixed grass hay, 3) concentrates and corn silage, respectively. Three energy levels were 1) maintenance (M) requirement, 2) 1.5 × M, and 3) 2.0 × M. All bulls were received 60% of their energy from concentrates and 40%
more » ... oncentrates and 40% form roughages. Three cattle for each trials fed different energy level were housed in metabolism stalls during the 5days of collection period, a total collection of feces and urine. Thereafter, during the 2days of respiration period the heat production was measured by indirect calorimetry using respiratory chamber. MEm were 99.80, 94.48, 94.80, and 97.68 kcal/W 0.75 at 100, 200, 300 and 400kg. Mean value of MEm and efficiency of utilization ME for retained energy(Kg) were 95.80 kcal/W 0.75 and 0.44. (
doi:10.5187/jast.2003.45.1.123 fatcat:mle4ic5cwbeh3o46v6jfwgfwg4