Optimal Design of a Tower Type SCR-deNOx Facility for a 1000 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Based on CFD Simulation and FMT Validation

Haojun Zeng, Jingqi Yuan, Jingcheng Wang
2019 Applied Sciences  
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is one of the most efficient methods to reduce NOx emissions from coal-fired power plants. This paper deals with an optimal design tower type SCR-deNOx facility for a 1000 MW coal-fired power plant. Combined with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the configuration of the baffles geometry was studied with spatial constraints. Flow field was regulated at the ammonia injection grid (AIG) with the dual aim of reducing difficulties in implementing the
more » ... ting the non-uniformed ammonia (NH3) injection strategy and achieving a more homogeneous distribution at the catalyst entrance. A flow model test (FMT) was carried out at a laboratory scale to verify the design results. The results of the flow model test are in good agreement with the computational fluid dynamics. It is indicated that small-sized baffles are recommended for installation at the upstream side of the facility as the optimal design and ability to regulate the flow field at the ammonia injection grid makes it an effective way to deal with spatial constraints. This paper provides a good reference for optimizing the tower type SCR-deNOx facilities with spatial constraints.
doi:10.3390/app9051012 fatcat:2xv5se6zp5asvbjtg4q3jyeyzy