A Validation Approach to Over-parameterized Matrix and Image Recovery [article]

Lijun Ding, Zhen Qin, Liwei Jiang, Jinxin Zhou, Zhihui Zhu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we study the problem of recovering a low-rank matrix from a number of noisy random linear measurements. We consider the setting where the rank of the ground-truth matrix is unknown a prior and use an overspecified factored representation of the matrix variable, where the global optimal solutions overfit and do not correspond to the underlying ground-truth. We then solve the associated nonconvex problem using gradient descent with small random initialization. We show that as long
more » ... s the measurement operators satisfy the restricted isometry property (RIP) with its rank parameter scaling with the rank of ground-truth matrix rather than scaling with the overspecified matrix variable, gradient descent iterations are on a particular trajectory towards the ground-truth matrix and achieve nearly information-theoretically optimal recovery when stop appropriately. We then propose an efficient early stopping strategy based on the common hold-out method and show that it detects nearly optimal estimator provably. Moreover, experiments show that the proposed validation approach can also be efficiently used for image restoration with deep image prior which over-parameterizes an image with a deep network.
arXiv:2209.10675v1 fatcat:dopwdry3jncgpa45ax2gsmjy2e