Faith Across Time

John David Jaeger
2015 Theological Librarianship  
00. Hardcover. ISBN: 9781610690256 (set). e-book ISBN: 9781610690263. J. Gordon Melton's new work, Faiths across Time, provides a chronology of the major persons, events, and activities related to religion from 3500 BCE to 2009 CE. His goals are to follow the emergence of religions over the past five thousand years and to place key events related to them in chronological order. His work is comprehensive in nature, addressing all religions from all parts of the world for this large time period.
more » ... large time period. Melton states that no one has ever undertaken a project of this nature before, and a search through Worldcat seems to confirm this. Thus, he views this work as a significant contribution to the field and a helpful resource for scholars and others seeking to view religious groups and movements in their historical context.
doi:10.31046/tl.v8i1.354 fatcat:bqfannoadfb63b6kqdrx3n2mfi