1922 Archives of Neurology And Psychiatry  
dorsalis there is no mention of the partial ptosis and enophthalmos which so often accompany miosis as evidence of sympathetic paralysis. Sixth nerve palsy as a common symptom of increased intracranial pressure is not given. In the list of types of headache, the indurative and psychoneurotic are omitted. In spite of these defects and some errors in wording which should be corrected (for example, the statement that there is no "physiological connection" between neurons), the book is a distinct
more » ... ook is a distinct advance on many of the smaller textbooks, chiefly because it is something more than a mere compendium of symptoms. It is well printed and the illustrations are excellent. PSYCHO-ANALYSIS OF THE "REFORMER." A Further Contribution to the Sexual Theory, by Joel Rinaldo, with a Preface by Andrew Tridon. Pp. 137. New York : Lee Publishing Company. This is a screed against reformers and especially against prohibitionists by an avowed psychanalyst, apparently not a physician. That the author is a competent psychanalyst we greatly doubt. That he is superficial is obvious. To the reviewer the text smacks strongly of the product of one writing principally to turn out copy. The argument is presented in the form of eight theses. A few of these will indicate its trend. Second thesis : That the reformer is a hysteriac and that his social activities are the result of his abnormal condition. Fourth thesis : That the reformer's hysteria results from an inhibition of normal sexual life and is a form of sexual perversion. Fifth thesis : That prohibition is not essentially different from other reformist activities; that it is the result of sexual perversion and is a sadistic gratification of the sexual desire. Sixth thesis : That the drinking of alcoholic beverages has a peculiar sexual significance and a necessary and important part in the healthy sex life of humanity. A few discrete quotations may further indicate the character of the booklet. "Reformism, however, is the expression of an abnormal psychic condition, and as such can be but an unnatural sexual gratification, antagonistic to the species ; a perversion of the healthy sex life as complete and debilitating as sodomy or lesbian love. "Constipation can then be admitted to account in part for the morbid psy¬ chology of the reformers, as a contributing factor, or aggravating reaction at least. "Our first duty therefore is a liberation of sex from the taboos of custom and convention. It can only function normally if it is allowed to function freely in obedience to the laws -of its own nature." Unscientific, ill balanced writings like this serve only to bring into dis¬ repute the work of serious men.
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